Nick Carter

With 30-plus years of communications experience encompassing local newspaper reporting, national magazine features, production editing, public relations, web design and e-commerce, Max Communications founder Nick Carter is uniquely placed to assist your company get its message across to clients and potential investors.

If you’d like to hear how Max Communications can make a difference to your business, it’s as easy as dropping us a quick message.

What we can do for you

We can write clear, concise copy for you. Know what you want but not how to say it? Talk to us and we will truffle out what’s important and what’s not, and work with you to create concise, impactful words which perfectly convey your meaning.

We can write and issue news releases for you, supply bespoke copy for features and social media, establish a media plan, build you a cutting-edge website, organise events for you, and represent your brand. In short, if you need it communicating, then Max Communications is your first and best call.

Our skills & talents

Max Communications can offer your business:

  • Concise, clear and accurate news writing
  • Imaginative feature prose
  • Insightful interviewing
  • Sub-editing and print media production
  • Savvy social media marketing
  • Cutting-edge web design
  • e-commerce know-how

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