Visualise. Create. Communicate.

It’s no accident that Max Communications has long been a provider of top-class public relations expertise to some of the largest corporate names in the UK, especially some in the automotive industry.

Your company does not have to be a well-known name to benefit from the expertise on offer at Max Communications, however. If you aspire to be better known, find out how we can make the difference…

Our services

  • Press releases

  • News stories

  • Feature writing

  • Web design

  • eCommerce

  • Corporate representation

Our clients write…

“Thank you for the hard work and support you give us. It is easy to take things going well for granted, but believe me I don’t. I really appreciate that you quietly get on with it and that week in, week out the job is done so well”

“Thank you for your excellent service. It is most reassuring to have such professional support knowing that the standards expected of Volkswagen will be delivered by Max Communications”

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